Zebra patterned world ~day 26

The world has never been good. It’s just some angels who are. The world is a place for humans, devils and angels. Nature acts like devil and angel alike. After all, everything has the two sides of a coin. The two side theory has not been disproved yet. And will not be in anytime soon. It is universal. Every existence has a pure, peaceful face and a dark gloomy one. But the proportions vary. And that creates the difference, the individuality. By now, I’m sure that you guys are aware that I’m an individuality fanatic. So, what is individuality? No, … Continue reading Zebra patterned world ~day 26

Pieces of a family ~day 25

Yes. That’s the current trend. Nuclear family is the latest fashion thanks to the inheritance laws. Just what is the problem with living together? That you’ll have to cooperate? That you’ll have to share? It’s so darn confusing. Just what’s the need? I know what I lost. And even if I want to, I can’t get that back. I lost what I didn’t even want to lose in the first place… Continue reading Pieces of a family ~day 25

Tomorrow ~day 23

Aren’t we supposed to work hard towards building our future. But the question is, are we supposed to forget the present? Should we not enjoy the present as well? How many of us really are lucky enough to enjoy the harvest of what we sow throughout our lives? How much time is left for us? Can we really enjoy when that future comes? I shared the questions I found myself facing against a while back. And I would love to get answered. What’s your opinion? Continue reading Tomorrow ~day 23