Grandpa ~Day 7

Today’s blog is going to be a little write-up by me. Enjoy!


After persevering for so long, it was over. The trial was over at last and what was done could not be undone.
After waiting for so long with fingers crossed, it was the day of judgement. The results.
And, Judgement had prevailed with Justice.
Finally! My hardwork paid off. I had won again.


Back home, the news and I were greeted with joyous shouts, proud smiles and affectionate tears.
Everyone greeted me. Except Grandpa. It was like him. His custom was to stand away and feel himself swell with pride and happiness. Then I would turn to him and it would be his turn of praising.
I turned to Grandpa for his customary pats and blessings for soaring higher.
But he didn’t pat.
He simply smiled at me. Affectionately.

From between the garlands that hung on his framed photo.

And I knew that his blessings had worked their magic.


▶️ QOTD: who is your favourite member of the family?

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