Change in language and Changing times ~Day 3

▶️️QOTD: What’s your native language? 🌍🌎🌏 So, you remember what we said about language during the theme reveal, don’t you? But sure thing we didn’t have such a variety of sophisticated and conplex languages when Mr Early Man was roaming on the Earth. So how did it come to being? Let’s try to investigate 🔎 Origin According to Wikipedia, one can sub-divide “approaches to the origin of language” according to the underlying assumptions: 1› “Continuity theories”: Built on the idea that language exhibits so much complexity that one cannot imagine it simply appearing from nothing in its final form; therefore … Continue reading Change in language and Changing times ~Day 3

Book recommendation ~Day 2

Top 5 book recommendation! ▶️QOTD: What’s your favourite genre? 📙📗📘 Are you a book lover? Or no? But you do know how to read. So why not try to read a book? We all gotta begin sometime, right? You say you’ve read before. Didn’t quite like the experience? What’s the big deal in trying? Afterall, empires are not built in a day and bookworms are not made with a book. Wondering what to read? Here’s the best 5 novels I’d recommend: Pride and Prejudice Authoress: Jane Austen Genre: Classic Romance Anyone who has read this wonderful classic who’d not argue … Continue reading Book recommendation ~Day 2