Transformation in progress

Guess the praise got to my head (Ouch!). I’m back, may be too early, with another poem. Even I am surprised that it’s happening.

Ready? Get, set, GO!

Transforming an era

I am sick of this.
Sick of this horrifying rat-race.
Sick of this terrific competition.
Just what does it give you?

A Job.
Yes. Just a job.
But that is not to be considered lightly!

A Job, identifies you.
A job is what identifies you before your
Character, personality or intensions.
Yes, just a job.
Your job.

What gets you a job?
A CV boasting of achievements
And a proficient human.
Doesn’t matter if that human lacks humanity.
Just a part of the game.

People judge you by your job.
They see your job
Before they see YOU.

In this era of brilliants and excellents,
In this era where hundreds are listed among Top 10,
People desire a job.

People desire ‘extraordinary’.
People desire ‘Perfection’.
People desire transformation,

Doesn’t matter if your individuality gets sacrificed.
What’s individuality to a
High and mighty job?
“No match!” they’ll say.

Doesn’t matter if your opinion gets buried.
You are being paid for it!
Doesn’t matter if YOU are buried as well.
Some will readily do that.
They’ll be paid after all.

Look around.
You’ll see robots of flesh and blood.
You’ll find a man,
A man who is stuffing the sandwich in his mouth
As he goes through his client’s papers.

You’ll find a man blabbering
“9000 plus 4 lakh and the added charges
will also be there. Did he ask for two copies or one….”
As he waits for the bus.

That’s quite common, isn’t it?

‘Industrial Revolution’ was just the trailer.
The Machine Age is just beginning.

Actually, this one was kinda impromptu. I have a habit of blabbering to myself in English when I’m alone. I keep thinking or speaking. In case some good phrase comes by I try to remember them. Today, after my bath, I became a victim of a tsunami of such phrases. Remembering so many was impossible and I knew I needed to SOS my writing diary. As soon Ms. Diary and Mr. Pen came to my rescue, I had a gift for my blog. That’s how I have disproved my very recent words 😭😭

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