Eighty hours to save Karen #bookreview 2

Book review

Name: Eighty Hours To Save Karen

Author: Sitharaam Jayakumar

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.9


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Karen Lakshmi, the only grandchild of Air Commodore Mathew Williams is struck by a strange illness. Is she the victim of a supernatural phenomenon? Or is her affliction something entirely natural? Mathew undertakes the journey to unravel the mystery and snatch his granddaughter from the jaws of death.

Danger lurks at every step. He has to tread warily for one false move could spell disaster. Join Mat as he slowly unravels a web of deceit, treachery and obsessive mania in his quest for the chilling truth. Is Mat able to save his granddaughter? Is he able to come out of this journey alive? Only time can tell…

Social aspect:

The book highlights several aspects of present day society and societal issues. The author has well portrayed the cracks an inter-religion marriage can occasion in a family. However, the author also displays how the attraction of what we call “blood relations” can win over such petty things. The spite of a jealous woman, the doom of gullible innocence, dangers of bad company are a few of the many aspects that keep popping in our day to day lives with various degrees of danger and complexity. The author has hinted at these consequences deep enough that they leave a mark
on our minds without taking up the entire space.

Critical analysis:

i) Plot:
Positive points: The plot is really intriguing. There’s always a question to keep the reader hooked. Once you find the answer to a question nagging in your head, another one pops out.
This I feel is a very strong quality of the book “Eighty hours to save Karen”. As a reader, I never lost interest while on my journey through the book.

Negative points: There are twists and turns present. However, they lack the certain force to make any deep impression on the reader. They are not sharp enough. Trying to remember any significant ‘twist’ or ‘turn’, I can only see a blur in front of me.
ii) Writing style:
Positive points: The author presents in front of us a writing style quite unique. He explains the relationships involved without their seeming too officious or overwhelming. The abilities and actions of Mathew are somewhat superhuman for his age. However, they have been
woven into the story such that they seem only natural. The creator’s style has rendered ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ (a tool of literature) unnecessary for his creation.
Also, the story has been written in an interesting way right from the beginning. The book is a
superb pageturner thanks to the easy language and interesting sequence. In fact, I was done
with the book in about 3 hours! 😉
Negative points: I couldn’t spot any major defect with the style of writing. It is really good. The only little mistake I could find to keep this criterion living is a grammatical error. “Suddenly startled” (pg. 25). As far as I know, one can be startled out of a sudden and out of a sudden only. That makes the word “suddenly” unnecessary and repetitive.

What I felt/learnt: ⚠️ Spoiler alert⚠️

First of all, I found the book really interesting throughout to the end. However, after finishing it, I
felt sort of empty within (is that good or bad?). I don’t know if this is the effect the author tried to produce but I didn’t quite like it. The sort of feeling one gets after reading “I – am – not – standalone
book. I felt like it wasn’t quite complete.
Secondly, the focus kind of shifted from Karen to Viktor Fenningston in the end. I think he would have tried to kill Mat or at least someone from the police team before killing himself. Criminals
generally try to kill people before they die so as to give the feeling that they did not lose.
Suggestions for correction: Viktor could have tried to shoot Mathew. At the moment he pulls the
trigger, someone from the police throws something (a bullet or a bottle or simply kicks the gun and the like). The gun shots up and the bullet flies out towards Vicktor because of the sudden change in

Recommendation: (no spoilers)

I am not much of a thriller lover. But I loved the eerie feeling I experienced while reading it. I felt like someone would jump out at me from below the table (plus the room was dark)! I am definitely going to recommend it, especially to people who love thrillers, mystery and family bonding. The book revoked my interest in this genre. Overall, I want to say that it’s a book worth reading.

Disclaimer: All corrections provided above are suggestions for improvement which I felt as my duty to provide as a reviewer. Whether or not to accept them is entirely up to the author. All views are my own which I have stated without any intention of harming/paining anyone. No copyright infringement intended.

This post has been written for the book review program by Blogchatter. Thank you for sending me the e-book!

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