Zebra patterned world ~day 26

The world has never been good. It’s just some angels who are. The world is a place for humans, devils and angels. Nature acts like devil and angel alike. After all, everything has the two sides of a coin. The two side theory has not been disproved yet. And will not be in anytime soon. It is universal. Every existence has a pure, peaceful face and a dark gloomy one. But the proportions vary. And that creates the difference, the individuality. By now, I’m sure that you guys are aware that I’m an individuality fanatic.
So, what is individuality? No, I don’t think you guys are stupid. I just want to avoid any kind of disagreement due to misunderstanding. Individuality is the trait that is unique to you. The trait that makes you different, unique. It’s not your appearance, or your personality, your attitude, your property,… No. it’s the way you think. What makes you YOU. Individuality in close association with the other factors except wealth and property describes the YOU we know. And because of such close links to appearance and the like, they’re counted in the term. And let me tell you, that’s not wrong.

That’s how we recognize a person. Their appearance is the key. However, what about a blind person? They know you by your touch or voice. Even a baby can tell apart the touch of its mother to those of other. It knows when it’s mommy is singing the lullaby. It knows when it is in its mom’s lap. So, can you see the beauty of individuality?

Now, back to the topic. This individuality, of course, has both positive and negative attributes. And the proportion is what lets us classify someone as either good or bad.
But how do we know the proportion? If people are classified so simply, then why is there such a great difference in opinion in this world? Why doesn’t one person become the president/prime minister by all 100% of votes? Definitely, no one would want to vote for the bad, would they?
Yes. You’re totally reasonable (and I should say smart as well 😉) to think that. The difference is due to the variance in people’s perceptions. Everyone has a unique way of thinking. This also means that everyone prioritizes values and morals in a different way. So what is good and what is bad keeps varying.
Suppose you are the manager of a factory. So, according to your position, you would want to keep the wages minimum. Now, suppose you are the laborer. Definitely you’d hate the employer for reducing your wage. Can you see how the notion of good or bad changes with situation?

In fact, even me and you appear differently from person to person. Or rather, I should say, are perceived differently from person to person. So, it’s not unlikely that the villain is named after you in someone’s story!
▶️QOTD: what or who according to you defines good or bad?

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