The letter out of the blue #TheBookBlogTrain

I assume you are happy. But, … are you really so? From the heart? Or just the “I am fine thank you” type? Are you happy enough to dance in the rain? Are you happy enough for a smiling candid? Just how “happy” are you? That’s what I wanna know. Continue reading The letter out of the blue #TheBookBlogTrain

Linking Authors and Reviewers ~Day 9

Hey there! Do you remember those “Read a book and Analyse” homework we used to get for Summer Break back in school? Would you believe me if I sad that the first completed Analysis Assignment made you an unofficial ‘reviewer’? Yeah. It really did. Book Reviews are nothing but your personal opinion of a book. Just a simple analysis of a book- it’s plot, writing style and it’s effect on you or anything/anyone related to you. But what comes out of a review isn’t as simple. Why? Read on to find out. ▶️Just WHAT is a book review? Answer: The … Continue reading Linking Authors and Reviewers ~Day 9