I am always here with you #bookreview

Book review
Name: I am always here with you
Author: Himanshu Rai
Genre: Romance, fiction, supernatural
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5

“We live once, and in one life, we breathe a million times. I wanted her to smile more than our breaths. For me, her smiles were more precious than any gem on this earth, and I would do anything for that.”

~Kartik, I am always here with you.


(blurb) Kartik fell in love with Ashima the very first time he saw her. She was everything he had ever imagined in his dream girl – his Angel. As their friendship bloomed into deep love, culminating into marriage, he became her Teddy, her confidant and an eternal support. But in trying to be with her, Kartik made a choice that broke his father’s heart and hopes.

As Kartik and Ashima gear up to step into the next phase of their relationship, life seems like an overload of joy and love. He is confident his love for Ashima will win over all odds, even his father. Little did he know that things were going to change drastically, forever.
Why does Ashima marry someone else? Why does Kartik accept it silently? And why is life so unpredictable?

Social aspect:

This book has a ton of messages for the society. I would like to list them here.
 The very famous “don’t force your child to study science” has a great example in here. If you wanna find out, read for yourself! 😜
 It tells us to chase your love and passion instead of going with the flow of the commonplace. Being an engineer does not define your life. Being happy does.
 Don’t wait to live the future. Instead, live the moments as if there’s no future. Life is a series of unexpected events, don’t wait. Waiting and expecting can be lethal.

Critical analysis:

i)Plot: The plot is really innovative. The story has been woven with continuous twists and touching scenes every now and then. However, I find a few places a bit unconnected. As if a step or two in between are missing. Considering how the story reveals, the various incidents portray well the deep love between Karthik and Ashima.
The only thing that puzzles me is how a many months pregnant lady can do so much work or movement. Even, when they were dining at her parents’ place, her sister-in-law who loves her so much asked her to help her serve! Isn’t she supposed to rest at such a time and be served instead. I haven’t personally had much interaction with pregnant women, but still I can imagine her position. After what had happened I believe they would want to go as far as possible to protect the baby. I feel that more thought was required on this point.
ii)Writing style: The story has been written in lucid language which is easy to understand. It’s way of approach is entertaining.
The author is an Indian. Hence, there is a widespread use of hindi terms and salutations. This I believe is quite effective in endearing the book to the reader if it’s used within a specific limit. However, in some cases there are considerably long phrases or entire sentences in hindi. This can pose a serious problem to non- hindi speakers. And this can be a major setback for the foreign readers. Instead of endearing it, they can end up feeling alienated. Because I know hindi I didn’t face any problem with it. But I assume non hindi speakers or foreigners might face problems with longer phrases or with those with special significance (turn to pg3 for example).
Suggestions for correction: Add a line or two such that it explains the meaning or essence of the hindi phrase being spoken.
However, if the book is marketed with Indian target readers then this doesn’t remain such a major fault.

Favourite lines from story:

These are some of the words that touched my heart. Try to see the deep lying meaning which fits in even better when you know the context. I appreciate the author for such beauty of words as these.

I. “Life isn’t about yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
“But when you reach far creating your life, you realise finding life was much better; at least your family and friends were with you.”
II. “I was excited, but fearful. I wanted that night to get over soon so that I could meet you again the next morning. I kept looking at the night sky searching for you, but now I realized I was searching for myself, for you.”
III. “She was a story I never wanted to end.”
IV. “I stood up from my chair and walked to the corner of the balcony and continued, “You know, Ashima, some relations are like mobiles, which are out of network when you need them the most.”
Hearing me, Ashima interrupted, “Teddy, when the network creates a problem, we
change the network, not our mobile.” ”

What I felt/learnt:

The book “I am always here with you” is what I call really innovative. The idea is new and, according to me, has been presented quite well. I enjoyed the book more than I had expected and I heartily recommend it. The story is basically tragic and even though Ashima gets married again, I could not help crying at many places.

The book introduces to us a new version of thinking. Reading it gave me the feel that I’m always being watched by those who are gone. To feel that the people we love most yet who had apparently left us alone are living amogst us invisibly is quite unique in itself.
Apart from a few places where I think the plot was a little unconnected, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Disclaimer: All corrections provided above are suggestions for improvement which I felt as my duty to provide as a reviewer. Whether or not to accept them is entirely upto the author. All views are my own which I have stated without any intention of harming/paining anyone. No copyright infringement intended.

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