Becoming books, Wonder Writing and Lavish Language

Theme reveal

BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal

▶️QOTD: What are your plans for April?


Hey there everyone! For me, April starts with the BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. So, I thought about ending March with my theme Reveal (I think I am too excited. Or is this surge of energy normal?🤔🤔)
You must be wondering that I’m mad.  Just what kind of theme is the title, it isn’t even one particular topic! Rather a bunch of odd adjectives and common nouns.

Yeah I know. The words of the title don’t really make sense. Someone born in human shape and form cannot turn into a book. Wonder Writing? Just what kind of trash is that? Yeah I know some people are junk with grammar (I’m not to be excluded either). And “lavish” language? Yeah even though I am one of those who dunk grammar classes, I chose this topic.
You want the reasons, don’t you? Here’s why…

Because every life is a journey, every person a living book. It’s not about material metamorphosis. It’s about the transformation of the mind. It’s about becoming a well written book from scattered words.

Writing isn’t a wonder? I disagree.
Writing is one of the moving forces of the society. It was “enlightenment” Writing that led to the French Revolution. It was writing that gave us the long lost theories of the genius Galileo.
Why such examples, let’s come down to earth. Writing an exam; so important. Writing a letter carrying information of child birth; so precious. Writing an love letter; trysuch anticipation. And you say Writing isn’t a Wonder?

And last but the most important. Language. Just think what you’d do if you were thrown on a far away planet. You don’t know what in the universe those aliens are saying pointing at you. They wanna crown you their King (no gender bias intended ;p) or do they wanna eat you up? You don’t know. Result? You’re in hysterics and want to go mad or jump into space in hopes of being given a lift to Earth by any spaceship that might pass.
Imagine if it were the same with everyone on Earth. And guess what, even sign language is a language.
Without language is it possible to write? Without language is it possible to write books?
A clear no.

You see, it’s all a play of words. Life isn’t simply about grammar and handwriting. It’s about the idea behind the words. It’s the spiritual connection between the writer and the readers. Through the minds and lives of Charachters.
And how could such interlinked and interdependent topics be addressed separately? (If I would have done otherwise, I’m sure the topic I chose would have murdered me for ignoring it’s associates)

📚Now You Know:
🔹Who you are (like, really?!)
🔹What is my theme.
🔹Why I chose it
🔹Life isn’t just about correct grammar and elegant words. It’s way more than that.

📚You Still don’t know:
🔹 What’s written on page 32 of your nearest book
🔹What April holds for you
🔹What my blogs will hold for you.

You’ll have to hook on to find out. April starts tomorrow. Yay!!
Are you excited? Maybe not. I wouldn’t be if I were the reader.
Because a book is something I read.
Not something that’s dictated to me. Hey wait a sec. I missed something right?
I won’t be telling you how to read. I’ll be talking about what words did to the lives scattered all over the world like scrambled letters.
Afterall, it’s a journey. And, the destination is never reached until you traverse.


▶️QOTD: Are you taking part in BlogchatterA2Z Challenge? Are you excited?

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